Steinberg's AXR4 // Just released

Steinberg's AXR4 // Just released

New AXR4 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interfaces:

Audio interfaces are usually more about utility than excitement, but Steinberg's AXR4 is something else — it combines design expertise from Steinberg, Yamaha and Rupert Neve Designs, and packs an incredible amount into a 1U rack space. It's a low-latency, 32-bit integer, 28-in, 24-out audio interface capable of handling sampling rates of up to 384kHz, with a colour display for metering plus MIDI and wordclock, two indpendently adjustable headphone outs and twin Thunderbolt 2 connections taking audio to and from the attached recording system. Steinberg's product video below helps to get all of these features clear in your mind.

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