Total hands-on DAW control with Metering 

Intuitive DAW control, insightful visual feedback, and deep integration with the new SSL Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° software. UF1 is the ultimate single fader DAW controller, delivering SSL’s renowned advanced workflow in a compact form factor.


  • Console-quality, 100mm motorized fader offers precise control for writing automation and fine-tuning track volumes
  • 2 high-resolution displays give you at-a-glance feedback on your DAW's track names, parameters, and time display
  • Soft-feel rubber keys, transport controls, and jog wheel make moving around large sessions fast and easy
  • Multipurpose notched encoder makes channel banking and mouse wheel emulation a cinch
  • 46 customizable soft keys conform to your individual workflow
  • Comes with a perpetual license for the SSL Meter plug-in
  • Meter plug-in can be viewed on the large display, and it can be controlled directly from the unit
  • Lock-tight SSL 360° integration provides tactile command of 360°-enabled SSL channel strip plug-ins
  • Plug-in EQ curves are viewable on the large display; gate and compression activity is viewable on the smaller display
  • Includes profiles for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, and Pyramix
  • Allows you to control up to 3 DAWs simultaneously
  • Ultra-tough metal chassis
  • Works in tandem with SSL's UC1 and UF8 controllers

    Expand UF1 with SSL UC1 and UF8 Controllers

    UF1 is the perfect hardware expansion for the UC1 and UF8 plug-in controllers. When the UF1 is set to control the SSL Plug-in Mixer, the centre of the large display shows you the EQ curve of each 360-enabled channel strip. In addition, UF1 provides a physical fader and easy access to parameters that live in the UC1 Extended Functions menu such as Width, Pan, Mic Gain and Comp Mix – which means no more menu diving!

    Engaging the MASTER button, decouples UF1 and UC1, allowing you to control 2 different 360° channel strips independently.

    UF1 is powered by SSL 360° software where you can configure keyboard shortcuts and custom macros for total session control via 46 assignable, backlit user keys. 

    UF1’s dual high-resolution displays provide in-depth visual feedback of DAW track names, parameters, time display, the SSL Meter plug-in and 360-enabled channel strips in the SSL Plug-in Mixer.

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