PMC PMC6-2 Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

PMC PMC6-2 Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

New monitor range from PMC The PMC6-2 provides main-monitor scale, depth, and dynamics, and allows mix decisions to be made quickly, with absolute certainty and...

Vendor :PMC

Type :Studio Monitors


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New monitor range from PMC

The PMC6-2 provides main-monitor scale, depth, and dynamics, and allows mix decisions to be made quickly, with absolute certainty and without fatigue.

This 3-way active monitor speaker combines two custom 6-inch ultra-long-throw bass-drivers with our radically engineered PMC55 2-inch soft-dome mid-range unit and a precision-built one-inch soft-dome tweeter. The PMC55’s distinctive ‘N-compass’ waveguide enhances the wide dispersion and remarkable mid-range projection of the driver; in combination with the high performance of the tweeter, the result is an ultra-wide and stable image, with a smooth and natural in-room response. Each bass driver is individually powered by a cutting-edge 400W Class-D amplifier and seamlessly integrated by our sophisticated, highly accurate DSP-based crossovers. As with the PMC6, the monitor is configured using rear-panel controls or the browser-based SoundAlign™ software, with comprehensive boundary and EQ options.

SOUNDALIGN™ Smart & Network Equipped

The SoundAlign™ web interface gives you an unique and responsive way of controlling and configuring your near-field and mid-field active monitors and their subs. The SoundAlign™ allows you to run large multichannel systems smoother with smart features such as:

Group Filters
Easily manage many speakers

Monitor Selector
View your system and select monitors to adjust

Speaker Controls
Modify any speaker parameter – Level, EQ & more

Manage presets & update firmware

The PMC6-2 offers astonishing size-to-performance ratio thanks to its ATL™ bass-loading technology, which results in exceptional LF extension and consistent tonal balance at all listening levels. Laminair™ airflow technology, visible in the monitor’s hexagonal vent ducts, further reduces colouration and enhances dynamics and efficiency.

Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™)

Structural integrity and accuracy are the most crucial elements when making any loudspeaker enclosure, and with PMC’s holistic design approach every element has been considered to enhance performance. Forming both the cabinet and housing the sophisticated ATL™(Advanced Transmission Line) are precision machined panels of highly specified HDF material, some as much as 40mm thick. With the consumer veneered models, they are prepared both inside and out with veneer that guarantees their stability and long life.
The accuracy of the joints, together with modern bonding agents creates one homogeneous, flawless structure that acts as the ideal, inert platform for the drive units to deliver pure, uncoloured audio.


A simple upgrade path converts the PMC6-2 to a full-range XBD system; just add a PMC8.2 SUB and select XBD mode to perfectly dovetail the two units, extending the response down to 25Hz with additional headroom.

Main features:

  • Active 3-way nearfield reference monitor with ATL™ bass loading
  • Frequency response: 33Hz - 25kHz (- 3dB @1m full space, on-axis)
  • Max. cont. SPL: 109dB @1m (Half space value calculated as +3dB from full space measurement.
  • Un-weighted input,20-20kHz Pink Noise (IEC) with 12dB CF for 2 hours AES2-1984 duration)
  • State-of-the-art Class-D amplifiers: HF 400W, MF 400W, LF 2x 400W
  • Analogue / AES3 digital input (16/24-bit, 18 -192kHz sample rate)
  • Digital ‘through’ output (AES3 24-bit 96kHz)
  • SoundAlign™ network control interface for single or group EQ & settings
  • Sophisticated DSP crossover, driver protection, EQ, and delay/polarity options
  • PMC6-2 + PMC8-2 SUB = PMC6-2 XBD, with LF down to 25Hz & increased headroom
  • Ceiling-mount yoke allows suspension in multi-channel or immersive systems

  • Tech Specs:

    • Type: Nearfield/Midfield reference monitor
    • Powered: Yes
    • Power Configuration: 3-way active
    • LF Driver Size: 6" Woofer
    • MF Driver Size: 2" mid-range (soft dome)
    • HF Driver Size: 1" Tweeter (soft dome)
    • Effective ATL™ Length: 2m (6.6ft)
    • Frequency Response: 33Hz - 25kHz (- 3dB) (@1m full space, on-axis)
    • Sensitivity: +4dBu input signal = 98dB SPL @ 1m
    • Max continuous SPL: 109dB @1m
    • Max Peak SPL: 121dB @1m
    • Directivity: H +/-50 degrees || V +60/-40 degrees
    • Input Types: XLR switchable between analogue & digital AES3
    • Output Types: XLR digital AES3 (fixed 24-bit @ 96kHz)
    • Network: Ethernet with PMC SoundAlign web interface
    • Latency: 2.4mS
    • LF Driver Power Amp: 400W
    • MF Driver Power Amp: 400W
    • HF Driver Power Amp: 400W
    • Idle Power: 50W
    • Max Power: 1500W
    • Mains: 100 - 240VAC auto-switching, 50-60Hz
    • Cabinet dimensions (H | W | D): 400mm (15.7") | 430mm (16.9") | 372mm (14.6")
    • Weight: 21.1kg (47lbs) each