Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit 16x2 Summing Mixer - Special Order

Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit 16x2 Summing Mixer - Special Order

Give your mixes the analog weight, width, and depth they deserve with the Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit, a 16x2 summing mixer that carries the...

Vendor :Rupert Neve Designs

Type :Summing Mixer

Sold Out

Give your mixes the analog weight, width, and depth they deserve with the Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit, a 16x2 summing mixer that carries the classic and classy sound of Rupert Neve consoles within its comparatively compact 1 RU chassis. With the Orbit, you'll be closer to achieving a world-class analog sound out of an otherwise digital mix.

The 5057 Orbit comes packed with goodies from proven Rupert Neve pieces. The signal path makes use of the same transformer configuration found in the company's Shelford channels, providing the same Class-A sound at either operated or padded levels (exactingly attenuated at -6 dB, to suit any downstream processors). Additionally, the unit comes stocked with the renowned Silk circuit found the Portico II Master Bus Processor. This circuit allows you to enhance the high midrange, or beef up the lows, so your mix will never sound too dull or too thin. Use this summing mixer to handle 8 stereo pairs of submixes, or expand it with other renowned RND gear. The choice is yours.

Summing, the Rupert Neve Way
Analog summing allows you to get the flavor and separation of an analog console without having to cram a hot, expensive, large-format desk in your house. When you take advantage of outboard coloration by pushing buses of your mix into Neve output transformers to a point of gentle saturation, you take advantage of nonlinear harmonic characterization that glues the mix together and helps bring it to life.
Some analog summing mixers offer an ultraclean signal path, not far off from the in-the-box experience. The Orbit, however, extends the extraordinary richness, harmonic complexity, depth, and weight that Rupert Neve consoles bring to professional mixing engineers all over the world.

Transform Your Sound with Transformers
The Orbit utilizes a custom output transformer configuration originally developed for the acclaimed Shelford Channel, providing both main outputs and -6 dB outputs. The padded output lets you drive the Orbit to achieve more transformer harmonics without clipping the next device in the chain. This transformer drive is a hallmark of Rupert Neve's sound, and has been used on countless hit records.

The Legendary Silk Circuit
The Orbit offers continuously variable texture control with Silk Red and Silk Blue modes to give you complete control over the harmonic density and tonality of your mix. Silk Red accentuates transformer saturation in the high and high-mid frequencies to amplify the vibrant midrange harmonics associated with Rupert's vintage equipment. Silk Blue accentuates saturation of the lows and low-mids to add thickness and weight to any source. Both of these circuits have been used on the master-buses of acclaimed mixing and mastering engineers. You can also opt to leave them off entirely for a cleaner sound.

Unlike EQ, these Silk and texture controls saturate the output transformers, adding compound and musical harmonics to the source material in accordance with the amount of Texture applied. Drive the mix bus hard, choose your Silk flavor, and crank the Texture knob for a rich, saturated, vintage vibe; or, disengage Silk entirely for clear, wide-open sonic beauty. The choice is yours.

Expandable and Flexible
While the Orbit is an extremely effective tool on its own, multiple units can be combined through the Bus Link for a higher channel count. The 5057 Orbit can also be used as a building block in an expandable summing system utilizing the 5059 satellite for flexible summing and routing, and the 5060 centerpiece for additional mixing and monitoring features. These units create the core of a world-class analog mixer.

Channel Separation and Accuracy
The Orbit makes use of high-quality stepped switching to ensure precisely fixed channel levels and accurate mix bus attenuation. Furthermore, the mixer's signal path exhibits exceedingly low crosstalk, and offers channels matched to within ±0.1 dB. Achieve the stereo width and dimensional depth your mixes deserve with the Orbit.

Easy to Recall
Frequent recalls can be a pain for modern mix engineers. The Orbit's elegant simplicity and fixed-level accuracy provides rapid, repeatable DAW-based recall from mix to mix, while adding the rich sound quality of a Rupert Neve class-A transformer-coupled mix bus. Keep your mix plug-in focused before it hits the Orbit, and let the Orbit handle the solidity, density, and clarity which distinguishes analog from the digital domain.

Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit Summing Mixer Features:

  • 16-channel +/-21V Class A mix bus delivers massive headroom
  • Silk Red and Blue modes with Texture control for precisely dialing in your desired amount of classic tone
  • Dual-tap output transformers create rich harmonic character without clipping the next unit in the signal chain
  • Mono switches for precisely centering any mono mix elements such as lead vocals, kick, snare, and bass
  • Outstanding linearity and accuracy (>+/-0.1dB/channel)
  • Ultra-low crosstalk for beautifully open stereo imaging and sonic depth
  • Expandable for higher channel count via bus link to other 5057 units
  • Fast, repeatable DAW-based recall — plus rich, unparalleled Rupert Neve Designs sound quality
  • Robust, compact 1U chassis design with DB25 inputs and XLR outputs
  • Combine with other Rupert Neve Designs summing units to form a world-class modular mix system