Neumann KH 810 Active Studio Subwoofer

Neumann KH 810 Active Studio Subwoofer

The Neumann KH 810 Active 10" Studio Subwoofer with 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager is designed for mixing, mastering and tracking. The KH 810 Subwoofer...

Vendor :Neumann

Type :Studio Subwoofer


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The Neumann KH 810 Active 10" Studio Subwoofer with 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager is designed for mixing, mastering and tracking. The KH 810 Subwoofer is compatible with all modern monitoring systems from different manufacturers as well as Neumann studio/loudspeaker range.

The KH 810 Sub from Neumann delivers distortion-free bass, which can go right down to 18hZ and handle higher SPL. The KH 810 has a solid cabinet design, powerful drivers along with carefully placed ports. This results into a tighter and more articulate bass response. The KH 810 features eight channels of analogue, four-mode LFE-channel processing, four-order crossovers and flexible acoustical controls.

The KH 810 Subwoofer is built for today's mixers, producers and engineers; perfect for music, broadcast and post-production studios.

10" Driver

The 10" front-firing driver delivers bass frequencies as low as 18Hz, allowing your main loudspeakers to play at higher volumes with lower distortion. The driver is also magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors and other electronics

Bass-Reflex Cabinet
The rigid wooden cabinet matches other speakers in the family. It has a tough painted finish and high-density rubber isolation feet, plus excellent self-damping properties that minimize cabinet resonance. The large bass ports on the front extend low frequency response while reducing compression and turbulence. They also allow you to position the sub near a wall or flush mounted in a wall without a loss in performance quality. The final result is tight, articulate, and distortion-free low frequency reproduction, even at high volume levels.

7.1 Channel HD Bass Management
The integrated electronics provide bass management that's compatible with all audio formats ranging from mono to 7.1 surround sound. There is independent control of front and back channels for additional flexibility.

System Volume Control and Remote Capability
The sub has an 8-channel system volume control and an RS-232 remote port. This lets you use an optional hardware remote for centralized system control, convenient installation, and less cabling. The sub's electronics can be remotely powered on with 2 modes of operation; either 0V or 12V triggers.

Main features:

  • 7.1 Channel HD Bass Management
  • 10" Front-Firing Driver
  • 4-Mode LFE Processing
  • 4th Order Crossover
  • 8-Channel System Volume Control
  • Daisy-Chain Capable
  • RS-232 Remote Port
  • Integrated Electronic Limiter

  • Tech Specs:

    • Powered: Yes
    • Speaker Size: 10"
    • Driver Type: Long-throw with Pressed-steel basket
    • Total Power: 200W
    • Frequency Range: 18Hz-300Hz
    • Crossover Frequency: 80Hz
    • Maximum Peak SPL: 110.7 dB
    • Input Types: 8 x XLR Analog
    • Output Types: 8 x XLR Analog
    • Power Supply: 220-240 / 100-120 V

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