Merging Technologies Anubis Pro RAVENNA/AES67 Audio Interface

Merging Technologies Anubis Pro RAVENNA/AES67 Audio Interface

The Merging Technologies Anubis Pro is a ground-breaking new audio interface that adapts to any workflow. Perfect for recording, mixing, or producing, the Anubis is equipped with...


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The Merging Technologies Anubis Pro is a ground-breaking new audio interface that adapts to any workflow. Perfect for recording, mixing, or producing, the Anubis is equipped with two premium Swiss-engineered preamps, pristine-sounding ADDA converters, two high-quality headphone preamps, and RAVENNA/AES67 connectivity for networked audio systems. And with additional software functionality available in the form of the downloadable “Missions”, the capabilities of the Anubis are virtually limitless.


The Anubis is equipped with two mastering-grade preamps with 139 dB of headroom for unparalleled dynamic range. Quickly connect instruments and line level devices using the easy-access front panel Hi-Z inputs.

By utilizing a state-of-the-art converter design, the Anubis delivers ultra-transparent A/D and D/A conversion. Monitor performances with crystal clarity using four balanced outputs—perfect for A/Bing mixes between two sets of speakers. Two independent stereo headphone jacks with industry-leading amplification allow you to monitor tracks with unprecedented detail.


The Anubis is much more than a simple desktop audio interface. Different stages of the creative process require different tools, and the Anubis is designed to adapt to your every need with a variety of “missions,” or on-board software programs devoted to different tasks.

Typical Music Setup

“Monitor Mission” gives you all of the tools you need to create a great mix. Adjust monitor levels, access transport controls, or communicate directly with performers using the built-in talkback mic. Take complete control of your reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, input sources, surround mix, downmix and more with a single, compact device. And with RAVENNA/AES67 support, the Anubis is capable of playing back on systems of any size—from stereo to 22.2 surround sound systems.

Typical Monitoring Setup


Monitor Mission is just the beginning for the Anubis. Merging Technologies has developed a new concept they call “modular by software,” in which they increase the functionality of the Anubis by releasing additional Missions in the future—starting with the Music Mission, designed for music production and live concerts.



  • Scalable/Networkable
  • Studio/Mobile
  • Mastering grade Preamp and Amp
  • Sampling rate up to 192 kHz (Pro)
  • DSD support up to DSD256 (Premium only)
  • Direct Monitoring of DAW running on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Direct AES67/RAVENNA Sources monitoring
  • Direct decoding of Ambisonic Sources
  • Cough Cut on every input
  • All state of the art monitoring features (Bass management, Speaker alignment, Talkback, Down-mix, Crossfeed etc…)


  • Windows Driver/OS RAVENNA ASIO v12.0 (ASIO 2.2) for Win7 64-bit/Win8.1 64-bit / Win10 64-bit
  • Mac Driver/OS VAD Core Audio for MacOS 10.8.5 or higher (Intel)
  • Linux Driver/OS ALSA Linux driver for RAVENNA/AES67
  • ANEMAN Version 1.1.7 and above


  • Comprehensive user interface through the integrated multi-touch display
  • Dedicated buttons for Volume control, Monitors selection, Talkback and Mute with customization support
  • Advanced user interface through any tablet or web browser
  • Dedicated and configurable metering page for sources and monitors
  • Flexible Talkback with built-in or external microphones and control
  • Footswitch support


  • In-the-box monitoring with ultimate analogue specifications:
  • Up to 4 Monitors
  • Up to 4 Sources
  • Up to 4 Cues Mixes with ultra-low latency
  • Up to 2 Headphones
  • Built-in Dual Gain 32bit Preamp circuitry on all inputs
  • In-the-box I/O pairing management with Merging devices
  • Any other AES67/RAVENNA devices pairing using ANEMAN
  • Freely configurable crossover filters on every speaker and LFE
  • Trim Level and time alignment delay for every speaker and LFE
  • Time alignment / Lip sync delay up to 200ms


  • Up to 8 Monitors capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 32 channels)
  • Up to 128 Sources capable of up to 22.2 (maximum 128 channels)
  • Up to 8 Cues
  • Up to 256 additional Analogue I/Os
  • Up to 256 additional MADI, AES3, SPDIF I/Os
  • Up to 256 additional AES67/RAVENNA
  • Up to 256 additional Pro Tools HD I/Os

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