HEDD Audio Type 05 MK2: 200W Active Studio Monitor (Single Unit)

HEDD Audio Type 05 MK2: 200W Active Studio Monitor (Single Unit)

HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs (HEDD) is a high-end audio manufacturer founded by Klaus Heinz (former ADAM Audio developer) and Dr. Frederik Knop....

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Type :Studio Monitor


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HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs

Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs (HEDD) is a high-end audio manufacturer founded by Klaus Heinz (former ADAM Audio developer) and Dr. Frederik Knop. Drawing on a rich history in audio creation and reproduction, the German company builds handcrafted professional studio monitors and headphones in Berlin since 2016. HEDD’s advantage is the in-house developed signature Air Motion Transformer driver, HEDD Lineariser® and CoP Technology, as well as introducing an entire Phase Linear Sub-Satellite System.

The Type 05 MK2 is a no-compromise compact monitor with on-board Lineariser® and CoP Technology. This 2-way system 5” Woofer and High-Resolution HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter (HEDD AMT) incorporates 2x 100w amplifiers - of up to 112 dB SPL/pair. Making the ideal nearfield studio monitor for mobile broadcast stations, home recording, multichannel setups, and VoIP conferences.

Equipped with a powerful DSP board, HEDD's new Mk2 series enables three exciting features: 

1. HEDD Lineariser®

The HEDD Lineariser® function, that is now built-in to the speaker, which flattens the phase response, creating perfect impulse response. This dramatically helps with spatial reproduction opening up the stereo image offered by your speakers. 

2. >>CoP<< Technology

HEDD's innovative CoP technology give users (for the time) the option to choose from closed or ported cabinets, so you can adjust the bass response to suit your preferences. The speakers come with removable plugs for the bass ports, combined with DSP-based FIR filtering. By opening or closing the ports and setting the switch at the back accordingly, you can switch between optimum accuracy (closed cabinet) and a dynamic, low-reaching design with increased SPL (ported cabinet).

3. Phase Linear Sub-Satellite System

HEDD Audio introduces a completely phase linear Sub-Satellite System. This feature tries to improve the relationship with HEDD subwoofers using Group Delay Compensation to compensate for the distance between speakers and subwoofers and create Linear Subwoofer / Satellite system. Listeners can compensate eventual distances between subwoofers and satellites to stay with linear phase reproduction for the complete system.

Made in Germany

Engineered and tested in Berlin to the highest standards. HEDD's new Mk2 and BASS Series combines handcrafted loudspeakers with cutting-edge innovations across the entire range. Based on a strong unibody casing for better durability and satin lacquer-finished ensures that the cabinet remains stable and provides effortless audio, even at full power. The ICEpower amplifier offers 100W per driver (max 200W) and is universally powered for compatibility anywhere in the world. The rear panel also features a balanced XLR Input and a digital AES input and throughput, as well as a gain trimmer and high-/low-shelf potentiometers.

Main features:

  • 5" honeycomb composite woofer 
  • HEDD Air Motion Transformer (HEDD AMT) tweeter​
  • Onboard Lineariser and Aesthetics
  • ​CoP Technology - Closed-or-Ported Functionality.
  • Linear Sub-Satellite System
  • Integrated DSP with AD/DA: 96 kHz, 32 Bit
  • Adjustable LFE, Shelf and Desk Filters

  • Tech Specs:

    • Powered: Yes
    • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
    • LF Driver Size: 5" honeycomb Woofer 
    • Tweeter:  Ribbon (HEDD AMT)
    • Driver Power Amp: 2x 100W (ICEpower)
    • Low Frequency Range (-3dB): 45/38/80 Hz (normal/extended/satellite)
    • Frequency Response: 45 - 40,000 Hz
    • Crossover Frequency: 48 dB/octave @ 2.5 kHz
    • AD/DA Conversion: 96kHz / 32bit
    • Maximum Peak SPL: 112 dB SPL
    • Impedance: 22 kΩ
    • Input sensitivity (A/D modulation): -10/-4/0/+4 dB
    • Input Types: analog XLR balanced + digital AES IN
    • Output Types: digital output AES through
    • Cabinet: Satin lacquer finish in black or white
    • Power Supply: 110-240 V
    • Warranty: 2 years

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    Audiosaurus is electrified to welcome a brand-new series of professional active loudspeakers to South Africa. The new range includes Type 05 Mk2, Type 07 Mk2, Type 20 Mk2, and Type 30 Mk2 models and, as a first, HEDD's powerful BASS 08 and BASS 12 subwoofers.