SSL Launch the Next Step In Hybrid Production - BiG SiX

SSL Launch the Next Step In Hybrid Production - BiG SiX

BiG SiX SuperAnalogue™ Mixer With USB Interface

18-input Analog Recording Console with 4 SuperAnalogue Preamp Channels with Per-channel Compressors, Per-channel 3-band EQ, 9 Long-throw Faders, 18 Summing Channels, G Bus Compressor, Talkback with LMC, and 16-in/16-out USB-C Audio Interface.

BiG SiX is a nimble and capable solution at any point in the production process. In addition to 16 channels of high performance 96 Khz / 24-bit USB conversion which the user can reroute to External Inputs, Stereo Cues and Pre/Post Fader options, BiG SiX also features fully balanced insert points on all SuperAnalogueTM inputs, full size 100 mm SSL console grade faders, Mix Bus Inject for cascading additional SiX and BiG SiX, dual independent headphone outputs and much more. As well as offering four SuperAnalogueTM Mic/Line/Hi-z inputs with polarity switch, the four Stereo Inputs can be individually switched to dual mono, adding further recording flexibility.

NEW Solid State Logic BiG SiX Desktop Mixer Features:

  • Benchmark SuperAnalogue audio performance
  • Professional routing and monitoring
  • Classic SSL channel processing
  • Full-size 100mm faders, Mute–Bus B, PFL
  • 18-input analog summing at mixdown
  • Legendary G Series Master Bus Compressor
  • Completely balanced signal path
  • Built-in 16-in/16-out USB-C audio interface
  • A superb analog front end for recording


Channels 1–4 equipped with:

  • SuperAnalogue mic preamps with +72dB of gain
  • Phantom power; 75Hz highpass filter
  • Line-level input, switchable to instrument level
  • SSL compressor with program-dependent attack time, fixed ratio and release time, and automatic makeup gain
  • 3-channel EQ derived from SSL's classic E Series console
  • Balanced insert points


Channels 5–12 equipped with:

  • Line-level stereo inputs with trim
  • 3-channel EQ derived from SSL's classic E Series console


Master section includes:

  • 2 cue buses (sends available on channels 1–4)
  • Main and Alt monitor outputs with monitor source matrix, mono check, dim, and cut
  • Talkback mic input with phantom power and LMC
  • 2 headphone outputs with separate source selectors





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