New Acoustic Diffusers with easy installation.


The QR-36 & QR-49 PRO acoustic diffusers are high-end acoustics products with top performance made affordable and easy to install in any home studio or hi-fi setup. Now you can enhance the acoustics of your setup with easy. Complemented with good broadband absorbers (not foam!) our diffusers will increase the spatiality, liveliness, dynamics and detail accuracy of your sound system and help prevent flutter echoes and disruptive resonances in your room.

With their 49 chambers, each 6.8 x 6.8 cm, they offer maximum diffusion performance over an extremely large frequency range. The closed rear wall of the PRO models further improves performance and at the same time enables easy attachment using existing suspension points. The ingenious and protected design of these diffusers also offers an elegant and relaxed look. Made in Germany and carefully handcrafted and with absolute attention to detail.

Get yours today for better room acoustics in recording and control rooms as well as in audiophile listening rooms. Available in 5 colors, natural, black, off white, black & white or grey & white combos. 

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