NEW - Unity Audio The Mini Boulder

NEW - Unity Audio The Mini Boulder

Unity Audio The Mini Boulder is a wonder!

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Powerful 3-way active studio monitor with a brand new 220mm (8.5”) crystal membrane woofer, new class D amplification and delivers the same accurate and detailed sound of the previous iterations.

Coaxial 5" Mid-Range & Folded Ribbon Tweeter Drive Unit

The unique and exclusive centrally mounted Coaxial unit which is hand built in Germany comprises of a 5" ring mid-range drive unit and a centrally mounted JET5 50 kHz folded ribbon tweeter. The combination provides a reduced stray magnetic field with higher efficiency, improved dynamics and smooth, even frequency dispersion.

This compact design assures true point source phase accurate delivery across it's entire frequency spectrum from 694 Hz to 50 kHz, eliminating phase rotation and frequency anomalies. The result is exceptional imaging and detail, significantly improved impulse and power control providing much improved dynamic range and an even frequency response and dispersion throughout the listening space. The Coaxial driver can be described as dynamic and detailed with depth and spaciousness over a broad listening area providing exceptional detail to beyond 50kHz.

The Unity Audio Mini-Boulder is a scaled-down version of the Boulder and features the same 100 Watt Class A/B amplifiers for the coaxial Mid/HF drivers and a 300 Watt Class D amplifier for the LF woofer.

Unity Audio Mini-Boulder Main Features:

  • 3-way active monitor
  • Closed cabinet design
  • 30mm Corian front baffle
  • Coaxial 5'' midrange and 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter
  • 8.5" / 220mm Crystal Membrane Woofer
  • 180 watt Class D amplifier and 1 Class A/B Midrange/tweeter amplifier
  • Balanced XLR input
  • 18mm grey Baltic birch 9 ply plywood cabinet
  • Brutally honest and vibey
  • HF EQ Shelf @ 10kHz +/- 2.5dB
  • Mid Cut/Boost +/- 2.5dB
  • Frequency response 40Hz-30kHz +/- 1dB
  • Frequency response 33Hz-38kHz +/- 3dB
  • Sealed Baltic Birch 12mm (.5”) Plywood Cabinet
  • Corian 18mm Front Baffle Design
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • Balanced XLR Output

    Tech Specs:

    • 1 x 220mm (8") Woofer
    • Coaxial 5" ring mid-range driver & 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter
    • Sealed Baltic Birch 18mm (.75") Plywood Cabinet
    • Corian 30mm (1.2") Front Baffle Design
    • 2 x 100 Watt Unity Audio/EAR Discrete Class A/B Amplifiers
    • 1x 300 Watt Class D amplifier
    • Balanced XLR Input
    • Volume control
    • 10kHz Shelf EQ switch +/- 2.5dB
    • Mid driver EQ switch +/- 2dB
    • 35Hz-38kHz +/- 3db
    • Crossover points: 694Hz & 2.5kHz
    • 354mm D x 268mm W x 406mm H
    • 13.9" D x 10.5" W x 16" H
    • 22Kg approx


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