HEDDphone Two is out! Pre-order now

HEDDphone Two is out! Pre-order now

Lighter, better, faster, stronger.

Handmade in Berlin using high-quality components, the HEDDphone TWO puts HEDD's (Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs) expertise at your disposal, with the newest Air Motion Transformer driver technology, delivering impeccable transient response and ultra-high frequency extension. As a result, high frequencies remain transparent and linear and do not distort natural sound reproduction in any way.

Variable Velocity Transformation
VVT allows the AMT driver in the HEDDphone to achieve even frequency response across the entire audio spectrum. This is done by rethinking the driver’s geometry to allow folds to vary in width and depth. The result is the world’s first full-range AMT headphone.

Reimagined HEDDband
Enjoy HEDD's smartest strap system. The HEDDband enables you to personalize height, width, curvature, and clamping pressure, to achieve a custom fit that’s comfortable for prolonged use. You can forget you're wearing headphones and focus on the music you are creating, or listening to. This unique design adjusts the band's shape and tension - comfortably fitting any head shape or size.

Main Features:

  • 2nd-generation take on HEDD’s coveted audiophile-grade HEDDphone
  • Enhanced full-range Air Motion Transformer driver technology
  • Folded Kapton diaphragm design generates crystal-clear transients within an incredibly authentic and balanced soundstage
  • Attentive detail to sound provides a formidable studio option for mixing and mastering engineers as well as producers
  • Lightweight carbon fibre and magnesium drivers provide 25% less weight than previous models
  • Custom-fit headband with smart strap system ensures maximum comfort in the studio
  • Includes balanced and unbalanced cables, a spare set of earpads, and a carrying case for efficient travel and transport
  • Backed by an extended 5-year HEDD warranty

    What's in the Box:

    1. Travel case to fit HEDDphone TWO
    2. A spare set of ear pads
    3. 2.2m headphone cable with 6.35mm termination
    4. 2.2m balanced cable with 4.4mm termination
    5. 3-pin audio adapter – 6.35mm to 3.5mm
    6. 4-pin audio adapter – balanced 4.4mm to XLR

    HEDD Audio launches HEDDphone TWO  HEDD Audio HEDDPhone® Two AMT Driver Headphones - Headphones.com

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