New SSL Origin 16-channel Analog Studio Console

New SSL Origin 16-channel Analog Studio Console

Solid State Logic launch 16 Channel ORIGIN Mixing Console

Solid State Logic (SSL) has expanded its ORIGIN range with a new 16-channel variant. Following the enormous success of its larger 32-channel sibling, ORIGIN 16 has the same features, intelligent hybrid workflows and stunning SSL sound quality, all in a smaller footprint. Ideal for project studios, music technology schools and colleges, as well as producer rooms or smaller record/mix facilities, ORIGIN 16 brings the dream of an SSL studio closer to a broader range of users who crave the legendary sound and advanced workflow of SSL.

ORIGIN 16's simple signal flow and layout make it easy to understand and use, while powerful features such as channel direct outputs, a fully balanced electronic architecture and precision bargraph meters make it an ideal companion for even the highest quality converters and the most demanding professional production applications.

Similar to its larger sibling, an innovative modular centre section allow ORIGIN 16 to adapt to different applications — for instance a tracking console with additional boutique analogue processing to its 19” rack centre section, or a more digital/analogue hybrid approach with screens and controllers such as the SSL UF8 Advanced DAW Controller — all of which are easily reached from the listening position. ORIGIN 16's ultra-low power consumption and innovative power saving features equal lower operational costs for smaller rooms and musician-based project studios.

ORIGIN 16's PureDrive microphone preamplifier provides a wide range of sonic options, bringing unparalleled flexibility whether using it for tracking or mixing. Users can attain ultra-clean to driven sounds present in previous SSL mic pre designs, but also engage a warmer, more harmonically rich tone by activating the “Drive” function.

ORIGIN 16 also uses a classic SSL EQ design made famous on its previous generations of consoles. The E-Series '242' EQ was probably the most popular EQ from the SL 4000 Series console range, and this design was also present in several SSL console designs that followed, including the G-Series. A built-in classic SSL Bus Compressor, with sidechain access and HP filter, make ORIGIN 16 the perfect solution for mixing and summing. 

 Solid State Logic Origin 16 Analog Studio Console Features:

  • 16-channel analog recording and mixing console with master control section and 16+2 buses
  • Newly designed SSL PureDrive mic/line preamps can dial in a range of transparent to harmonically saturated tones and include 48V phantom power and polarity invert
  • SSL E-Series 4-band parametric EQ with variable cut/boost and highpass and lowpass filters
  • Direct output, 4 auxiliary sends, and 2 stereo cue feeds on each channel
  • 60mm small fader and 100mm large fader with balanced inputs in each path, and independent pan, solo, cut, and 0dB switch to set unity gain
  • Master control section streamlines operations with talkback and listen mic, bus masters trim and routing, 4 stereo returns, independent trims for 2 monitors, DIM, MONO, Left/Right MUTES, and polarity switch
  • Includes SSL’s iconic stereo VCA bus compressor with sidechain and highpass filter
  • Adjustable 6U master tile and additional 6U of space in the center section to install a keyboard, video monitor, software controller, or your favorite outboard hardware
  • Auto Sleep mode reduces power consumption by switching to standby mode after long periods of inactivity


Tech Specs

  • Type:Analog Recording Console
  • Channels:16
  • Inputs - Mic Preamps:16 x XLR
  • Phantom Power:Yes
  • Inputs - Line:2 x DB25 (Channel Line In)
  • Inputs - Other:2 x DB25 (Monitor Line In), 1 x DB25 (External In)
  • Outputs - Main:1 x DB25 (Monitor)
  • Outputs - Direct:2 x DB25 (Direct Out)
  • Outputs - Other:1 x DB25 (Foldback, Studio, Misc Output)
  • Aux Sends:1 x DB25 (Cue/Aux Out)
  • Send/Return I/O:2 x DB25 (Large Fader Send), 2 x DB25 (Large Fader Return), 2 x DB25 (Small Fader Send), 2 x DB25 (Small Fader Return)
  • Busses/Groups:1 x DB25 (Main Mix Bus Output, Mix Bus Insert Send), 1 x DB25 (Mix Bus Insert Return), 2 x DB25 (Bus Output)
  • Other I/O:1 x DB9 (Utility)
  • Talkback:1 x XLR (center section), 1 x Rear Panel Listen Mic
  • EQ Bands:E-Series 242 EQ: 4-band Parametric EQ, High/Low Bell switch, High/Low Shelf switch, Sweepable HPF
  • Signal Processing:SSL Bus Compressor
  • Automation:No
  • DAW Control:No
  • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:17.9" (Excluding legs), 38.7" (Including legs)

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