NEW -Native Instruments Maschine Plus

NEW -Native Instruments Maschine Plus

​MASCHINE+ is a sampler, a drum machine, a synth, and an on-stage superpower. In short, it’s whatever you make it. Leave the laptop behind, jam with your other gear, and create beats in minutes with a wealth of on-board sounds, instruments, and effects. It’s the iconic MASCHINE workflow, with fewer strings attached.

Hammer out beats, sequence melodies, create variations, and experiment with new ideas. The MASCHINE workflow is all about developing your music quickly, and MASCHINE+ is no exception.​

​MASCHINE+ is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 4GB of RAM and features 32GB of onboard storage, plus a 64GB SD card that comes with the unit to load your own sounds and samples. The unit also is WiFi-enabled and once you activate the device you can download your existing Maschine Expansions, alongside any other plugins and sounds, directly to the device without a computer. ​MASCHINE+ includes Reaktor, Monark, Prism, Massive and FM8 synths as well as the Maschine Factory Library and Raum, Phasis and more built-in FX. Five expansions also come with the unit.​


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