NEW - EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone from Sennheiser

NEW - EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone from Sennheiser

Made of hi-end studio broadcast quality components the new B20 is a versatile, digital, plug-and-play microphone for hassle-free recording and broadcasting. Volume, gain, mute, and pickup pattern dials are built into the microphone together with a headphone jack for real time monitoring.

The B20 captures audio at a sample rate of 48KHz – 48,000 measurements of the audio signal per second - which comfortably reproduces the entire frequency range audible to humans, using a resolution of 24-bits (16 million different values) rather than the more common 16-bit standard (65 thousand different values). This is 256 times as much precision, giving a dynamic, rich, clear audio signal in studio broadcast quality that captures every nuance of the human voice.

Main Features:

  • Studio quality streaming microphone
  • Captures and transmits your voice and game audio effortlessly
  • Hassle free USB connection
  • Plug-and-play for hassle-free ease of use
  • Integrated audio controls
  • Intuitive audio controls right at your fingertips
  • Choice of four pickup patterns
  • Choose from four microphone pickup patterns to suit any recording scenario
  • Monitor in real time
  • Built-in headphone jack for monitoring of your voice & game audio
  • **Download the EPOS Gaming Suite for further audio settings on your PC.


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