Universal Audio’s Luna is a free, full-featured recording system - Coming Soon!

Universal Audio’s Luna is a free, full-featured recording system - Coming Soon!


Thanks to Luna’s hardware-software integration, it allows quick routing and recording through DSP-powered UAD plug-ins with “no discernable latency” via the new Accelerated Realtime Monitoring feature, UA claims. It’s designed to make music production more intuitive, seamless and robust.

Built-in Neve Summing

Another main highlight of Luna is its ability to instantly produce classic sounds. It’s designed to offer faithfully emulated audio summing circuitry from the Neve 80-Series audio mixing consoles produced by Neve Electronics way back in the 60s and 70s. Described as “far beyond a ‘summing plug-in'”, Neve Summing is touted to allow producers to instantly transform a cold technical mix into a warm, classic-sounding recording.

Integrated Multitrack Tape Emulation

This feature is afforded by the included Oxide Luna Extension. The integrated multitrack tape emulation offers what engineers describe as “warmth” and “cohesion”. If you’d like to take things further, more magnetic tape sounds are offered with Studer A800 Tape Recorder Extension, sold separately.

Moog Minimoog GUI

Luna Instruments

As previously mentioned, Luna Instruments is UA’s first foray into the world of virtual instruments. Users can tap onto the brand’s wealth of experience in the areas of electrical and acoustic modelling, sampling, synthesis, signal processing and more through these instruments. At launch, Luna Instruments will offer the following:

Moog Minimoog: an emulation of the classic 1971 Moog synthesizer
Ravel grand piano: a model of a Steinway Model B grand piano
Shape: a toolkit featuring vintage keys, drums/percussion, guitar/bass,
orchestral content and more

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