Novation Circuit Tracks Groovebox - Portable Music Creation

Novation Circuit Tracks Groovebox - Portable Music Creation

Create instinctively. Perform immediately.

Standalone Groove Production Workstation with 2 Synth Tracks, 2 MIDI Tracks, 4 Drum tracks, Onboard Effects Section, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Novation Circuit Tracks groovebox Features:

  • A powerful electronic music workstation with Nova-series synth engines and sequencing
  • Comprehensive RGB-backlit 4 x 8 pad matrix makes playing and sequencing intuitive
  • 2 independent synthesizers with 128 factory patches, each delivering amazing sound
  • 4-part rhythm machine lets you lay down beats and create compelling drum sequences
  • 2 MIDI tracks allow control over external MIDI-enabled devices
  • Load your own seconds of your own samples via a browser-based editor/librarian
  • Lock your synths to a specific key to quickly create music without worrying about wrong notes
  • Store your creations in 64 project memory slots for performance and easy recall
  • Combine a complete library of Sessions, Samples, and Patches into a single file with Circuit Packs
  • Switch between patterns instantly to generate glitchy drum fills
  • Gain increased control with separate transmit and receive settings for the Circuit's MIDI clock
  • Chain multiple 16- or 32-step patterns to create sequences up to 256 steps
  • Created tied and drone notes using the sequencer's tie-forward setting
  • Take your music off the grid using Synth Micro-nudge, allowing for more complex rhythmic creation
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you create and perform music anywhere
  • USB and MIDI connections provide compatibility with the rest of your electronic music gear
  • Components expand your functionality with powerful web-based tools


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