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New Software for TouchMix Series Digital Mixers

Taking small-format mixing to the next level for both professional and novice users alike, QSC is pleased to introduce Version 3.0 for the TouchMix-8 and -16 Series and Version 1.2 for the TouchMix-30 Pro. The new firmware is available as a free download for current users and will be factory-installed in new production units going forward.

Version 3.0 for the TouchMix-8 and 16

Version 3.0 for TouchMix-8 and -16 includes twenty significant enhancements, making these models far and away the most powerful and comprehensive, yet easy-to-use compact mixers available. Many features previously available exclusively on the Series’ flagship TouchMix-30 Pro are now implemented, including:

  • Anti-Feedback Wizard
  • Room-Tuning Wizard
  • Real-Time Analyzer (RTA)
  • Copy-and-Paste,
  • MP3 playback from USB drive
  • Input delay
  • Output Parametric EQ
  • 15 dB Digital Gain
  • Channel Overview
  • USB Drive Formatting
  • Improved graphics and screen layout


A number of additional, all-new enhancements to the mixer are also provided including:
· Channel Safe
· Tap Tempo
· Tablet Follows Mixer
· Additional User Buttons (on connected tablet)
· Ability to configure Aux 7/8 and Aux 9/10 as balanced, mono outputs (TouchMix-16).
· QSC loudspeaker tunings are also present in Version 3.0, including presets for our new K.2 Series powered loudspeakers.

Version 1.2 for the TouchMIx-30 Pro
Advancing the capabilities of the flagship TouchMix-30 Pro, Version 1.2 provides the all-new features found in the smaller channel-count models along with a number of additional system and operation enhancements.

An update to the TouchMix Control app for iOS and Android devices is also available at those applications’ respective app stores.

Available Online from Audiosaurus.co.za

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