NEW - Heritage Audio HA-609A - Coming in 2020

NEW - Heritage Audio HA-609A - Coming in 2020

Dual Channel Compressor perfect for tracking, mixing, and mastering

2-channel British-Spec Compressor/Limiter with Transformer-balanced, Class A Signal Path, Extended-range Threshold, and Standard/Fast Attack Times

Standard and fast attack times make the HA-609A an ideal dynamics processor for recording individual tracks, as well as during mixing and mastering. The HA-609A’s proprietary diode bridge design allows precise channel-to-channel matching of compression curves and response to within hundredths of a dB. Extended threshold range for both compressor and limiter as well as true bypass for both channels (in addition to bypass on individual compressor and limiter functions) increase flexibility to accommodate contemporary hybrid workflows.

The HA-609A’s compressor section offers controls for threshold, ratio, release, and bypass. In addition to the standard fixed attack time (tailored for general program material), the compressor also offers a special fast attack mode designed to catch loud transients on drum buses and other challenging highly dynamic material. The compressor’s makeup gain is a Class A amplifier with transformer-coupled output, inspired by Heritage Audio’s acclaimed ’73 preamp.

With an extended threshold range and a new “fast attack” setting, the HA-609A serves up classic limiting with the modern workflow in mind. The HA-609A limiter is extremely versatile, adept at everything from subtle peak control to more extreme sculpting, while controlling the fast transients of percussion and general program material. The limiter section features controls for limit level and release time, and can be bypassed. Considering the HA-609A's impressive sonic performance and versatility, it's amazing that Heritage Audio managed to bring it in at such an affordable price point. But then, that's what they do.

Main Features:

  • Stereo/dual-mono boutique British-spec compressor/limiter
  • All discrete, Class A design featuring three Carnhill/St. Ives transformers per channel
  • Rotary switches and precision, stepped potentiometers for accurate recall and channel matching
  • Unique diode bridge design allows compression curve/response to be precisely matched from channel to channel within hundredths of a dB
  • Extended range for both compressor and limiter threshold increases flexibility for modern workflows
  • Standard and fast attack times work well for tracking, mixing, and mastering
  • True bypass on each channel in addition to bypass on individual compressor and limiter functions
  • Handcrafted in Spain at Heritage Audio headquarters



  • Type:Class A Compressor
  • Number of Channels:2 (dual mono, stereo linking)
  • Controls:Limit Level, Release, Threshold, Ratio, Gain Makeup
  • Threshold:-20dBu to +20dBu
  • Ratio:1.5:1 to 6:1
  • Frequency Response:15Hz-30kHz, ±0.5dB
  • Inputs:2 x XLR
  • Outputs:2 x XLR
  • Additional Features:True Bypass per Channel, Carnhill/St.Ives Transformers
  • Rack Spaces:2U
  • Power Source:External Power Supply (included)

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