New - Behringer X-Touch One

New - Behringer X-Touch One

Behringer X-Touch One

DAW Control Surface with 1 Touch-sensitive Motorized Fader, Rotary Encoder, Scribble Strip, and 34 Illuminated Buttons.

Lay your hands on your music with the X-TOUCH ONE Universal Control Surface. This brilliant controller has everything you need for your home studio or live setup, yet can grow as your needs expand. From the touch-sensitive, motorized fader and dynamic LCD scribble strip, to the rotary encoder, 34 illuminated buttons, 8-segment LED meter, large jog/shuttle wheel and dedicated transport controls, the X-TOUCH ONE is a feature-packed surface for precision control and bird’s eye view of your critical mix parameters. 

When it comes to integration, the X-TOUCH ONE has you covered with the most widely used protocols in the industry. With included support for HUI* and Mackie Control*, you can be sure it will work seamlessly with all compatible music production software, allowing you to focus on what counts... the music.

The X-TOUCH ONE supports Mackie Control, HUI, and MIDI communication protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software. The text printed on the top panel corresponds to standard Mackie Control MC protocol. You also have the option of MC User mode, which allows you to assign specific MC functions to any of the buttons (except for the top five buttons in the Master/Channel section). To make it easy when working with the most popular compatible DAWs, we've included labelled overlay templates for your X-TOUCH ONE that indicate the typical button functions for each DAW.


  • Comprehensive control surface for your DAW
  • Touch-sensitive 100mm motorized fader allows for precise, dynamic control
  • Mackie Control and HUI modes for seamless integration with a plethora of music production software
  • Rotary control with LED-collar and illuminated buttons for on-the-fly adjustments
  • Smooth jog wheel makes it easy to navigate your session or other creative control
  • Color-coded LCD scribble strip makes it easy to identify any track
  • Pre-configured control elements for instant operation out of the box
  • 2-port powered USB hub for connecting external devices such as keyboard controllers and dongles
  • Footswitch connector provides external remote control


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