Black Lion Audio Sparrow DAC - Out of stock

Black Lion Audio Sparrow DAC - Out of stock

When it comes to tracking and mixing, it's difficult to make up for the sonic influences of poor A/D/A conversion. There's a debate in our...

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When it comes to tracking and mixing, it's difficult to make up for the sonic influences of poor A/D/A conversion. There's a debate in our industry: which is more important, a good A/D or a good D/A? We're of the opinion that both are equally important. A good D/A can make your source come alive, clarify instrument placement within a mix, and help alleviate the bloated, grainy, and wooly qualities inherent in poor conversion. Whether you're simply listening to program material, working on microphone placement, or mixing a project, a good D/A will help prevent listening fatigue and make your decision making process much easier.

Product Description

Black Lion Audio proudly offers the Sparrow DAC. Designed around the 32-bit capable ESS9018 chip, the Sparrow DAC features wide dynamic range and detailed, musical conversion that's as functional in the project studio as it is in the mastering facility. The Sparrow DAC features user selectable AES, coax SPDIF, and optical SPDIF for input connectivity. Output connections include both balanced XLR for pro studio, consumer level RCA for home stereo, and a high current headphone output. Two mute buttons allow for independent control of line or headphone signals. Front panel volume control governs the headphone output only, while the line level outputs remain fixed.

The Sparrow DAC features advanced clocking architecture and a stunning 128dB unweighted 20-20kHz dynamic range into 600 ohms. There are few D/A converters that can meet or exceed this kind of dynamic range, or provide you with similar clarity and musicality no matter how much you're willing to spend! There's a reason why engineers like Tom Lord-Alge, Tony Maserati, and Mike Shipley use Black Lion Audio converters!

THD+N:  0.0005% (20kHz BW, 20-20kHz, @-10dBFS)

IMD:  < 0.0015% SMPTE (1:1) 60Hz + 2k~20kHz typical

Crosstalk:  < 100dB (@20kHz all gain settings)

Frequency Response:  (@ 192kHz Sample Rate) +/-.5dBu 10Hz ~ 80kHz

Size:  10.25" x 8" x 1.75"

Weight:  5lbs

Shipping Weight:  6.5lbs

Power Consumption:  14W

Recommended operating temperature:  0 ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature:  -25 ~ 50°C

Output Impedance:  < 10 Ohms

DNR: 128dB unweighted, 20-20kHz bandwidth.

"The Black Lion Micro Clock Mk3 and the White Sparrow DAC keep my chain accurate, detailed, and consistent whether I'm in the studio or on the road mixing live."

- Tyler Scott, Engineer/Mixer (Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Mike Posner, George Maple, Brandon Flowers, Shawn Mendes, Major Myjah, Goldroom)


"[The  Sparrow DAC] allows me?to have a monitoring system, no matter where I am, that I can trust."

- Tony Maserati, Grammy Award-Winning Engineer, Mirrorball Entertainment (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jason Mraz, Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur)


"I use my BLA Sparrow White on every mix, period. It's an essential part of my monitoring chain."

- Chris Tabron, Red Bull Studios NYC (Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj, Trash Talk, Shiny Toy Guns)


"Every aspect of a rig influences the decisions that are made when creating music. After much comparison with other converters and word clocks, the Black Lion Audio Sparrow-MKII ADC White and Sparrow DAC White are the two that I trust to give me accurate, truthful representations of the music that I work on."

- Justin Hergett, Grammy-nominated Engineer, Main Street Studios (Santana, Crystal Skulls, Nick Jonas, MNDR)


"I take my Sparrows with me everywhere I go. They upgrade every other piece of gear in the studio."

- Ron Entwistle, Multi-platinum songwriter/producer (Gotye, Eric Clapton, Trent Reznor, Frank Ocean, Massive Attack, Katy Perry, Daft Punk)


"Black Lion is delicious."

- Jon Castelli, Mirrorball Entertainment (Ariana Grande, Elliphant, Yelle)