Tannoy GOLD 5 5" Powered Studio Monitor - Each

Tannoy GOLD 5 5" Powered Studio Monitor - Each

The Tannoy GOLD 5 is a dual-concentric, biamplified nearfield reference monitor capable of pushing 200W at 107 dB SPL. Use this monitor for accurate sound reproduction...

Vendor :Tannoy

Type :Studio Reference Monitors


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The Tannoy GOLD 5 is a dual-concentric, biamplified nearfield reference monitor capable of pushing 200W at 107 dB SPL. Use this monitor for accurate sound reproduction with a wide sweet spot thanks to the concentric design and point source waveguide.

The Tannoy Gold Legacy Continues

Countless hit records and blockbuster film scores have been recorded and mixed on Tannoy studio monitors. Ninety years (and counting), Tannoy’s vaunted legacy lives on in the next-generation GOLD 5 Dual Concentric Studio Reference Monitor. Engineered to the highest standards and build quality to provide the most accurate, uncolored representation of your audio as possible, Tannoy GOLD nearfield reference monitors meet the demanding needs of music recording, broadcast, and post-production professionals who require absolute truth in monitoring. Whether you’re a long-time Tannoy devotee or just stepping up to the legendary Dual Concentric point-source driver, the Tannoy GOLD 5 represents a major step forward in monitoring accuracy.

Tannoy Dual Concentric™

At the core of the GOLD 5’s outstanding performance is an all-new generation of Tannoy’s proprietary Dual Concentric driver technology. With seven decades of continual refinement behind it, the Dual Concentric driver provides a near-perfect point source that preserves the tonal character and harmonic integrity of program material as no discrete-driver system can. On first listen, the benefits will be immediately manifest: flat response, controlled dispersion, and a generous sweet spot in both horizontal and vertical planes. Whether you’re mixing music, dialog, or sound effects, you can rely on the GOLD 5 to provide exemplary low-frequency extension, high output, and robust reliability.

Point Source Tulip Waveguide

In nature, sounds emanate from a single point. By centrally locating the high-frequency driver of the Dual Concentric configuration, the GOLD 5 acoustically replicates a single-point sound source, delivering amazingly natural performance with an impressively broad imaging sweet spot. Symmetrical dispersion is enabled by the Tannoy’s innovative point-source Tulip Waveguide, which provides a spacious soundstage with remarkably accurate and focused stereo imaging.

Bi-Amplification Via Class-AB

Why Class-AB? The duty of any amplifier is to take a small input signal and turn it into a louder output that maintains the characteristics of the original signal, and to be large enough to meet the demands of the loudspeaker it drives. While Class-A amplifiers sound great at low volumes, they waste a tremendous amount of power that is lost as heat when asked to output hundreds of Watts. And even though Class-B amplifiers are much more efficient, they tend to bring a great deal of distortion to the mix. A Class-AB amplifier combines the linear performance of Class-A with the higher efficiency performance of Class-B, producing a much better amplifier design for loudspeakers used in critical listening environments.

Main Features:

  • Premium 200W bi-amped nearfield studio reference monitor for accurate, high-definition sound reproduction
  • Ultra-precise and neutral soundstage delivers non-fatiguing sound for extended listening sessions
  • Legendary Tannoy Dual Concentric driver technology for class-leading phase coherence and point-source imaging
  • Front-firing bass port design allows for near-wall placement and ensures optimal low-frequency performance
  • Next-generation 5" Dual Concentric driver provides unrivaled articulation and outstanding dynamics
  • .75" titanium tweeter with Tulip Waveguide produces detailed stereo image with wide sweet spot
  • Transducer-matched LF and HF Class AB bi-amplification for accurate dynamics and efficiency at any volume
  • Continually active XLR and TRS phone jack inputs let you connect 2 audio sources simultaneously
  • Dedicated input trim, bass, and treble controls let you optimize the monitor for your room acoustics
  • Selectable automatic standby mode conserves energy
  • Designed and engineered in the UK
  • 3-year factory warranty

  • Tech Specs:

    • Powered: Yes
    • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
    • LF Driver Size: 5" Woofer
    • HF Driver Size: 0.75" Tweeter
    • HF Driver Type: Titanium
    • LF Driver Power Amp: 200W
    • Total Power: 200W Class AB
    • Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
    • Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz
    • Maximum Peak SPL: 107 dB SPL @ 1m
    • Input Types: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" (aux)
    • Output Types: 1 x 1/8" (monitor link)
    • Enclosure Type: Front Ported
    • Enclosure Material: MDF with Black Vinyl wrap

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