Black Lion Audio PM8 mkII Summing Mixer - Out of stock

Black Lion Audio PM8 mkII Summing Mixer - Out of stock

Summing in the analog domain is widely regarded as superior to summing "in the box." The DSP required to sum individual channels into a stereo...

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Type :analog summing

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Summing in the analog domain is widely regarded as superior to summing "in the box." The DSP required to sum individual channels into a stereo pair is prone to clock-based errors and mathematically unrelated signal artifacts, something avoided entirely by summing in the analog domain. While issues of channel crosstalk, thermal noise and distortion are problems faced in the analog world, these artifacts are considered more euphonic than those created in the digital domain.

We are proud to introduce the Black Lion Audio PM8mkII summing mixer. It features 8 channels of transformer-coupled inputs and three separate master outputs: a passive output, a transformerless output, and a transformer-coupled output. It has mute, volume and pan capability on each channel, plus a DB25 connection to link multiple PM8mkII's for "infinite" channels of summing. Huge 3/4 watt buss resistors provide isolation between channels while minimizing the thermal noise typically found in a small format console buss. Grain oriented silicon steel input and output transformers lend a rich coloration to the sound by adding just a touch of low-order distortion below 250hz. It's like having a vintage console in your studio, but at a fraction of the price. It's exactly what you need to give your mixes that fat body you've been looking for.

The mkII revision of the PM8 has all new internals with noise floor improvements, an upgraded power supply, output gain up to +18dB, separate monitor outputs via a DB25 connection that mirrors all three pairs of main outputs, monitor level control, balanced passive outputs, and a new link setup that accommodates multiple units for "infinite" channels of summing.

"Just wanted to give you all an update on things going on over here. I am presently in mix stages for my production work on Native Canadian (Metis Indian) country blues singer, John McLeod. It's been an amazing process thus far utilizing all of my BLA studio processors. The record was recorded at Stagg Street Studios on a Vintage Legacy API console utilizing some of the best Mic collection on the west coast. Featuring "Fritz" Lewak on Drums (Jackson Browne, Melissa Etheridge) and Tim Emmons (Rod Stewart, Bo Diddley) on Bass. Of course I made sure I brought along my Micro Clock to keep everything sounding beautiful and solid.

Most overdubs were done at my studio, Emily's Basement Recording in Hollywood. I utilized my Auteur Mic Pre in stereo mode, recording Dobro and Acoustic Guitars. Everything was monitored through my Sparrow converter to ensure the best possible playback. And finally, for the first time I am employing my BLA PM-8 summing mixer. My mixes are simply slamming and all clocked together once again, with my Micro Clock. Thanks for the great work BLA!"

- George Landress, Mixer/Engineer/Producer
(No Doubt, Jon B., Chaka Khan, Jane's Addiction, The Killers)

 "I just [spent] 30 minutes playing (only used 4ch) with [the] spanking new PM-8 and I'm speechless, this is truly an amazing box? Thank you so such guys! [This is] the second best investment I've done this year? of course my modded 2626 is still my favorite?"

- Roberto Grano De Oro, Las Vegas, NV

 "I am just falling in love with my new BLA PM-8. Running all of my clients Voiceovers through it and Oh, MAN!!! Girth, thickness, body, presence and tamed transients. Almost like a very light soft limiter if you may. I'm convinced that ANYONE with any BLA gear running a DAW MUST have a BLA PM-8!!!"

- Jesus Gomez, Chicago, IL

 "I've listened to a couple of albums recorded or mixed on this baby. Once your ears get used to the sound depth it delivers, any other recording sounds EXTREMELY flat in comparison. I was aware of that after reading reviews and such. But I didn't expect that much of a difference. It just sets a whole new standard that I believe will be soon sought after by much more producers and engineers than it is today - thanks to you."

- Andreas Chipster

 "All I'm doing is using a Digi002's 8 analog outputs to make 4 stereo stems, into your PM8, then into the BLA 2-channel comp and EQ. The difference between that and mixing ITB is unreal! Thank you for making this way more fun and exciting for me."

- Thom Daugherty

 "I like. Am happy. When used correctly, drastic improvement over [mixing in the box], hands freaking down? the more time I've had to reaaaally get to know the [PM8s], the more dear they are to me? what an important step out of the box. BLA makes it possible for many to step into a realm of pro analog gear? traditionally there are [limited] options out there for summing mixers? making the PM8 even more special in my eyes."

- Ahmad Farzad, King of the Jungle Productions, Birmingham, AL

 "I installed the BLA PM-8 in my rack, wired it up, and have been on a high ever since, and I even haven't toggled over to the other outputs yet! Just loving the "Transformer" output for the moment. I'm going to wire up another pair of cables for the alt outputs to have them ready in my patch bay for flexibility."

- George Landress, Mixer/Engineer/Producer,
(No Doubt, Jon B., Chaka Khan, Jane's Addiction, The Killers)

 "I'm using 2 of the PM8 summing mixers for the tracks from Pro Tools 8 and I'm loving the width, depth and awesome separation! I also landed two songs on the soundtrack that were also mixed through your PM8s as well as the Auteur pres!"

- Brad Nyght, Producer/Composer/Drummer, The Bakery Studios, Dallas, TX

 "I thought that because I doing Hip Hop and R&B that I should use the transformer outputs, I was getting a clarity that was more than I expected plus the spectrum of dynamics including panning was more than I thought as well? Everything just came together; my strings got so smooth I could feel them on my skin. My lower end not only got tighter but even more articulate, allowing me to make them even better. Between the modification of the [Motu]HD192, the Micro Clock and the PM8, my [brand name omitted] plugins are all but glowing in the dark they sound so good. I am extremely confident that I will be a successful mixdown engineer and I thank you and all at Black Lion for your great work. I have told everybody that will listen about that small company on the 2nd floor in Chicago. I only hope that I make mega bucks so that I can personally make Black Lion grow. You guys are the best."

- Reuben Ali Muhammad, Chill Mode Music, Brooklyn, NY