Pioneer XDJ-RR All-In-One Rekordbox DJ System

Pioneer XDJ-RR All-In-One Rekordbox DJ System

Complete DJ Performance System The brand new XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ System is the latest controller from Pioneer and features functionality from their NXS2 range. This...

Vendor :Pioneer

Type :DJ All-in-one


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Complete DJ Performance System

The brand new XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ System is the latest controller from Pioneer and features functionality from their NXS2 range. This is a cost-effective way to bring club-standard DJ technology into your home for your own eventual progression into the club environment.

The lightweight and durable design also make this great for mobile DJs who want to use this for many different purposes – weddings, festivals, work conferences, etc. Also, this is an excellent tool for instructors or teachers to help the next generation learn the art of Digital DJing. The great thing about this being a standalone unit is that no laptop is required; you can play your rekordbox libraries off a USB drive. Also included with your DJ Controller is a license key for Rekordbox DJ performance software so you can prepare your analysed-rekordbox playlists by genre, key, etc. and with additional information such as cue points.

Pioneer’s XDJ-RR comes with a visually-striking 7-inch screen so you can see all the critical information such as track name, artist, album, key, etc. The screen is also intended as a performance aid; you can see your tracks waveforms so you can beat-match with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the beat grid system within Rekordbox. This is a basic DJing technique that is required for club-performance, and this visually engaging way of learning will prepare you very well for progressing to the club-standard setup.
Below the XDJ RR’s spinning platters is the performance pad section for utilising the four effects; beat jump, beat loop, hot cues, and slip loop. The latter lets you set loop in and loop out points within a track and used creatively to sample live to create unique remixes on the fly. Besides these performance effects, you also receive three beat fx and four sound colour fx which are inherited directly from the DJM-900NXS2. Creatively change your sound in synchronisation with the beat with stunning effects; echo, reverb, and flanger. Add tension depth and unique timbre to your live performances with either; filter, noise, dub echo, and pitch effects. The filter is the same high, and low pass filter found on the NXS2 range so you can be assured of its high quality.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ RR features an all-in-one design that lets you connect to any speaker setup that features XLR or RCA inputs. This controller has two master XLR inputs, one master RCA, and 1 AUX RCA input as well as a combi XLR/TRS input for external mics, etc. If you do decide to connect microphones, you can control the gain of these signals on the top left of the controller. The two USB slots on the top allow for DJ’s to play back-to-back seamlessly allowing for simultaneous playback. If you wish you can also connect your laptop via the export mode function so you can play directly from your computer without the need to export to USB.

With the XDJ-RR All-In-One DJ Controller, you can bring excellent functionality from the club-standard setup into your home and mix with creative tools that are guaranteed to make your DJ performances stand out from the crowd.


  • A 2-channel all-in-one digital DJ system that combines intuitive hardware with software-style flexibility
  • 7" display offers awesome visual feedback for mixing and makes browsing quick and easy
  • Spice up your mix with a killer selection of easily accessible Sound Color FX and Beat FX
  • Loop Slice lets you carve up loops on the fly and remix them by triggering slices via the hot cue pads
  • Includes rekordbox DJ software license
  • Prep your tracks in the rekordbox software or app to add cues, loops, beat markers, and more
  • Dual USB-A ports let you load MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files from flash media and mobile devices
  • Phono/line inputs let you mix in external sources such as turntables and media players
  • Mic input with XLR and 1/4" connectors
  • Full MIDI via USB support lets you control DJ software

Tech Specs:

  • Controller Style:DJ Controller with Audio Interface
  • Number of Decks:2-deck
  • Channels:2-channel
  • Jog Wheels:2 x 7"
  • Screen:7" Color Display
  • Faders:2 x Volume, 2 x Tempo
  • Crossfader:Standard
  • Pads:8 x Hot Cue Pads
  • Mic Inputs:1 x XLR-1/4" combo
  • Inputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo
  • Outputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo, 2 x XLR
  • USB:2 x Type A, 1 x Type B
  • Headphones:1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4"
  • Audio Interface:24-bit/44.1kHz
  • Looper:Beat Loop, Slip Loop
  • Effects:Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Filter, Noise, Dub Echo, Pitch
  • Software:Rekordbox DJ
  • OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.11 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Power Supply:12V DC power supply (included)