Native Instruments Komplete 12

Native Instruments Komplete 12

A supersized suite for any production task. Get it all with KOMPLETE 12 Plug-in Library with 50+ Virtual Instruments/Effects, 25,000 Preset Sounds, 10 Expansions, and...

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Type :Software

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A supersized suite for any production task. Get it all with KOMPLETE 12

Plug-in Library with 50+ Virtual Instruments/Effects, 25,000 Preset Sounds, 10 Expansions, and 170GB of Content - 64-bit Mac/PC Standalone, AAX Native, VST, AU

Komplete 12 raises the bar again for in-the-box sound design and music production. Inside you'll find over 50 products spanning an impressive 25,000 preset sounds and more than 170GB of content. New features include the award-winning Kontakt 6 sampling engine, with a sleeker interface and three new forward-looking instrument libraries, and the new Massive X synth*, successor to the genre-defining Massive and bursting with sonic possibility. These and other favorites, including Reaktor 6, Battery 4, and Guitar Rig 5 Pro, come pre-loaded onto one handy installation drive for instant access.


Included Products:


  • Kontakt 6 Industry-standard software sampler
  • Reaktor 6 Modular DSP laboratory


  • Absynth 5 Powerful semi-modular hybrid synthesizer
  • FM8 Advanced FM synthesizer
  • Form Transformative sample-tracking synthesizer
  • Kontour Expressive phase modulation performance synthesizer
  • Massive Powerhouse virtual analog synthesizer
  • Massive X Genre-defining synth
  • Monark Iconic monosynth
  • Reaktor Prism Vibrant modal synth and effects
  • Reaktor Spark Dynamic subtractive synthesizer
  • Retro Machines mk2 Collection of 16 vintage synths and keyboards
  • Rounds Advanced sequence synthesizer
  • Trk-01 Fast, powerful kick and bass sound design

Creative Samplers

  • Battery 4 Cutting-edge drum sampler
  • Polyplex 8-part randomizing drum designer

Drums and Percussion

  • Abbey Road 60s Drummer 2 vintage '60s kits recorded at Abbey Road
  • Drumlab Advanced drum design laboratory
  • Studio Drummer 3 premium drum kits with over 3,300 groove patterns

World Instruments

  • India Indian instruments with traditional rhythms and scales
  • Middle East Extensive instrument and pattern library drawn from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music
  • West Africa Playable polyrhythmic percussion and melodic instruments

Acoustic Pianos

  • The Gentleman Vintage upright piano
  • The Giant World’s largest upright piano
  • The Grandeur Concert grand piano
  • The Maverick Vintage grand piano
  • Una Corda One-of-a-kind handcrafted upright piano

Electric Pianos and Organs

  • Scarbee A-200 Classic electric piano sampled to perfection
  • Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet 2 legendary keyboards expertly sampled
  • Scarbee Mark I Classic electric piano beautifully sampled
  • Vintage Organs 5 classic organs

Guitar and Bass

  • Scarbee MM-bass Classic '70s electric bass
  • Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar
  • Session Guitarist — Strummed Acoustic 1 Perfectly strummed and recorded patterns, vivid sound, and real-time performance control

Strings, Horns, and Cinematics

  • Kinetic Metal Highly-playable metallic instrument
  • Session Horns 4-piece brass section sampled in pristine quality
  • Session Strings 2 Detailed and intimate sound of an 11-piece string ensemble

Studio Effects

  • Solid Bus Comp Bus compressor and more
  • Solid Dynamics Stereo compressor with gate and expander
  • Solid EQ Versatile 6-band equalizer
  • Supercharger One-knob harmonic tube compression
  • Transient Master Essential dynamics effect for enhancing and fixing recordings

Creative Effects

  • Driver Versatile creative distortion and filter
  • Guitar Rig 5 Pro All-in-one guitar and bass solution with 17 amps and 54 effects
  • Mod Pack — Phasis Draws inspiration from classic phasers but adds powerful new features
  • Mod Pack — Choral 4-mode chorus, each with a distinct character
  • Mod Pack — Flair Vintage-style or futuristic harmonically tuned flanging
  • Rammfire Rammstein-based groundbreaking amp emulation
  • Reflektor Creative convolution reverb
  • Replika Three high-fidelity delay algorithms
  • The Finger Playable multi-effects unit
  • Traktor's 12 12 unique, studio-ready effects from Traktor

10 Kontakt Expansions, Including:

  • True School Fuses traditions of old- and new-school beatmaking
  • Velvet Lounge A bridge between classic soul music and 21st-century production techniques
  • Deep Matter Captures the authentic vibes of Berlin’s underground sound
  • Halcyon Sky The reverb-drenched sound of contemporary ambient electronica
  • Lucid Mission The hyper-real sound of trance-infused EDM
  • Neon Drive The sounds of synths throughout the age
  • Queensbridge Story Created by Mobb Deep’s Havoc, one of hip hop's living legends
  • Molten Veil Dynamic, dark, dancefloor-ready sounds
  • Elastic Thump A brightly colored fusion of funk, R&B, and house music
  • London Grit Raw beats and heavy sub-bass with icy distortion, atmosphere, and color.

Komplete 12 Features:

  • Standard collection of virtual instruments and effects
  • 170GB of content — includes 50+ products and 25,000 sounds — all loaded onto a convenient installation drive
  • New and notable features include Kontakt 6 and the Massive X synth*
  • Hard-hitting samplers, powerful synthesizers, and other virtual instruments provide tons of songwriting and soundscaping power
  • Solid Mix Series processors bring you the sound of studio-favorite EQ, Dynamics, and Bus Compression
  • Integration with Maschine hybrid workstations and Komplete Kontrol S-series and A-series keyboard controllers

*Available as a free download upon release

Tech Specs

  • Software Type:Instrument and Effects library
  • Platform:Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full:Full
  • Download/Boxed:Boxed with USB hard drive
  • Bit Depth:64-bit
  • Format:Standalone, AAX Native, VST, AU
  • Hardware Requirements - Mac:Intel Core i5 or higher, 6GB RAM or more recommended, 170GB drive space (if installing all content)
  • Hardware Requirements - PC:Intel Core i5 or higher, 6GB RAM or more recommended, 170GB drive space (if installing all content)
  • OS Requirements - Mac:MacOS 10.12 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later


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