Mooer GE200 Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Processor

Mooer GE200 Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Processor

Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Processor The GE200 multi effects processor has been designed with the same cutting edge technology as Mooer’s hugely successful range of the...

Vendor :Mooer Audio

Type :Multi-Effects Processor


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Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Processor

The GE200 multi effects processor has been designed with the same cutting edge technology as Mooer’s hugely successful range of the GE Series Micro Preamps. The Mooer GE200 presents a compact multi-effects unit for electric guitar that leaves nothing to be desired. A total of 55 amp simulations ranging from vintage clean to modern high gain and 70 effects from modulation, delay, reverb overdrive and compressor, it offers a true sound potpourri for every musical genre, while a total of 26 speaker simulations based on pulse responses (IRs) deliver authentic and lively sound for recordings or live applications.

Impulse Responses

The GE200 re-creates Mooer Audio's classic preamps which offers 26 Impulse Response (IRs) cabinets through direct sound of a fully mic'd up amp and cabinet. The GE200 allows the user to load their own IRs should they desire, and the output section can be programmed so you can have the choice of whether to run you signal to a guitar amp (without cab modelling) or direct to PA/recording device (with modelling). This makes it a particularly flexible live tool, giving you the potential of using a real cab on stage whilst sending a Impulse Response cab to the mixing desk.

Live Performance

This mini floorboard contains an entire array of high quality digital effects. Including Compressors, drives, noise gates, EQ’s, modulation, pitch, filters, delays and reverbs. The effects signal chain is fully customizable within each preset allowing each of the individual effects blocks to be internally routed in any order. The 3.5” full colour display makes viewing the UI an absolute pleasure and programming presets is as easy as 1, 2, 3 using the effect blocks dedicated edit buttons. 

The built-in expression pedal and 3 brightly lit footswitches provide full control over the GE200 for rocking out live on stage. Providing real-time adjustment to some very special control options like the MERGE feature, which opens up limitless creative possibilities. The integrated 52 second looper with half-speed and reverse effects, team up well with its optional drum machine and auxiliary input for practicing songs at home with the same sounds you will use live at the gig.

Connective Capabilities

Connect GE200 to a PC via USB to record directly to your DAW. With fully configurable outputs and monitoring, GE200 can be the main hub at your home guitar studio. All of this is housed in a sleek, brushed aluminium shell which looks fantastic in the home or studio and provides a heavy-duty roadworthy chassis for taking on tour

Main features:

  • Large display
  • Integrated USB audio interface for editing and recording on a PC
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Power supply included​
  • Store and recall up to 200 Presets​​
  • Adjustable signal chain
  • USB connectivity for PC editing and direct audio recording
  • Programmable outputs
  • Auxiliary input and dedicated headphone output
  • Light weight and small for easy transport​
  • 55 high quality amplifier models
  • 26 IR speaker cab models
  • 70 high quality effects
  • 52 second looper
  • 40 Drum rhythms & 10 metronome rhythms

  • Tech Specs:

    • Type: Multi FX Pedal / Amp and cabinet modeller
    • No. FXs: 151
    • Preset: 200
    • Input: 1/4'' mono audio jack
    • Output: 1/4'' mono audio jack
    • AUX IN: 1/8'' stereo audio jack
    • Headphone out: 1/8'' stereo audio jack
    • EXP2: 1/4'' stereo jack cable
    • Power requirements: 9V DC 600mA
    • Dimensions: 297mm X 145.5mm X 45.5mm
    • Weight: 1.4Kg
    • Accessories: Owner’s Manual, AC adapter 9V DC, USB CABLE


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