dB Technologies DVX DM12 active stage monitors

dB Technologies DVX DM12 active stage monitors

DVX DM TH: it's not just an upgrade of the well-known series DVX DM digital monitors, it is rather a brand new line. These products...

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Type :PA Speakers

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DVX DM TH: it's not just an upgrade of the well-known series DVX DM digital monitors, it is rather a brand new line. These products are exclusively aimed to fulfill the requirements of musicians and stage engineers.

The DVX TH series is equipped with neodymium heavy-duty woofers, 12" or 15", with 4" voice coil. Beside it features top-class neodymium compression drivers, 1500W RMS Digipro amplifiers and Switched Mode Power Supply with PFC. The products' features provide the musicians with an excellent listening, even on the most demanding and loud stages. DVX TH ensures a sound quality and intelligibility without compromise. 

The models DVX DM12 TH and DM15 TH can reach elevate SPL levels, maintaining both a linear response and an impressive punch. At the same time it will keep unaltered the DVX DM's typical dimensions and versatility.

An incredible output

A masterpiece of power, quality and Italian design. The DVX DM TH's monitors are the outcome of the collaboration between some of the most important touring professionals and dBTechnologies R&D staff. As a result of this synergy, these products feature acoustic responses and performances that suit the most prestigious stages of the international scene.
Thanks to an incredibly high SPL, considering its dimensions, the TH is suitable for every circumstance; beside, its frequency response can be regulated trough two preset equalizations: Flat EQ and TH EQ.

The DM12 TH and DM15 TH monitors feature the phase plug technology, providing a correction of the phase and frequency response of the 12" (or 15") woofer. The results are a coherent horizontal coverage and a great definition of the mid-frequencies.
The stage monitors have a multiplex birch plywood, painted with polyurea, in order to guarantee excellent touring-proof resistance and durability.

Left or right in a flash

The DVX DM TH offers a unique feature that is functional to meet the requirements of the most exigent professionals. In few minutes, you can regulate the monitor's orientation, rotating the whole frontal panel. The internal geometry of the speaker will be so inverted, moving the horn from the left side to right side, or vice versa. It is now possible to consistently couple two adjacent monitors' HF horns and avoid comb filters.

You will be able to discern if a monitor is in a right or left configuration in every moment. Despite the grid has been remounted, a logo will indicate the internal disposition of the transducers.
For a vertical usage (like a drumfill system), it is also possible to rotate the monitor's CD aluminum horn, in order to optimize the speaker's dispersion and adapting it to the new configuration.

Hidden handles and floor coupling

The innovative positioning of the connectors' panels makes the wiring even more intuitive. Having the inputs (PowerCon and XLR) on one side and the links on the other one (PowerCon and XLR), the stage will be orderly, without any cable visible.
Beside, this disposition enables the positioning of the adjacent monitors, without any space between the two boxes. As a result, the coupling effect - as well as the stage look - will be optimized.

Technical Data:
Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Stage Monitor
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-6dB]: 63 - 16.000 Hz
Frequency Response [-10dB]: 59 - 18.000 Hz
Max SPL: 136 dB
HF: 1.4"
Type HF: Neodymium
Voice Coil HF: 2.5"
Horn: Aluminum rotatable horn
LF: 12"
Type LF: Neodymium
Voice Coil LF: 4"
Directivity: 90x40°
Amp Technology: Digipro® G2
Amp Class: Class D
Power RMS: 1500 W
Peak Power: 3000 W
LF: 750 W RMS @4 Ohm
HF: 375 W RMS @8 Ohm
Cooling: Single fan
Controller: DSP 56 bit
AD/DA Converter: 24 bit/48 kHz
System Presets: Flat EQ, TH EQ
Limiter: Dual active, RMS/Peak, Thermal
Crossover Frequency LF-HF: 1070 Hz
Slope MF-HF: 24 dB/Octave
Housing: Multiplex birch plywood - Polyurea painting
Advanced features: Rotatable front panel (left or right monitor customization)
Angles Up: 35°, 55°
Handles: 1x left side, 1x right side
Width: 670 mm (26.4 in)
Height: 325 mm (12.8 in)
Depth: 405 mm (15.9 in)
Weight: 24.5 kg (54 lbs)