Acoustic Desk Dividers

New Products designed to keep your workspace safe!

Government regulations for re-opening your office workspace require you to arrange physical barriers between workstations to form a solid physical barrier between workers while they are working. Our solution fulfills that need and more.


Physical Barriers

Create a physical separation between your workforce in order to help stop the spread of Covid-19 as per Government requirements. They are easily cleaned and sanitized. 

Acoustic Barriers

In addition to being a required solid barrier, our barriers perform as Acoustic Barriers as well. We have developed and tested an absorption pattern that is targeted for the vocal range. This helps to reduce not only the noise in the cubicle, but also the noise within the entire office space. The benefits are worker comfort due to the psychoacoustic benefits, increased speech intelligibility and comfort and a generally more pleasant and acoustically controlled working environment.

Acoustic Reduction

The graph below shows the effect of 2 Acoustic Barriers. The red line is without the Acoustic Barriers and the blue line is with the Acoustic Barriers. There is a reduction of between 7dB and 12dB. In acoustics and audio, a reduction of 10dB is equivalent to turning the audio down by half. The graph shows the drastic improvement of acoustic energy that can be achieved while adhering to government regulations for distancing on the workplace.




- Options include with or without plexi-glass screens
- Customization solutions for people working online from home such as lecturers.